Teaching in a EPIK middle school, help!

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Teaching in a EPIK middle school, help!

Post by blunder1983 » Fri Jun 10, 2005 6:12 am

Hi guys,

I'm currently in Korea with EPIK teaching year 1,2 in middle school.

I've been thrown in the deep end, no one has any firm suggestions as to what to do and I'm a bit worried.

I have each class once a week so I cant do anything too "teachy" and they are already working through text books so I'm supposed to come up with the ideas all on my own. I've just got out of the Trinity TESOL cert and its all a bit overwhelming. I'm in week 3, first week was saying hi, second week taught them about family, this week classroom english. We learn a pop song over two weeks too. Next week is a new song and "hobbies" they have to identify the hobbies and we work through them as a team. I also am going to introduce 10mins at the start of class of conversation practice (go over a topic and then quiz random students).

I'm just a bit lost, I know its superbly rude but does anyone have a example syllabus that I could draw inspiration from?

I thought about a 4 week "theme" of England, culture, holidays the country and differences between english/konglish but I don't know how to make the lessons fun and not just lectures.



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Post by Sally Olsen » Tue Jun 14, 2005 6:57 pm

I wonder if you should keep in mind that these students will facing an English exam that qualifies them to go on to further education. Not all students are worried about it but I would imagine quite a few want to do well so they can go to the university or college of their choice. I heard that they cancel the planes on the day of the English exam so they won't interrupt the students so I would say it is quite serious. It would be a good idea to get to know what is required on that test. It seems to me that introduced a section on oral English recently. Is that true? If so, it would be useful to prepare the students to do well on that section. You can teach for the test and tell them what is necessary and how to succeed. I would also check on their textbooks and try to reinforce what they are doing there but of course, not in the kill and drill mode. You can use imaginative exercises to learn the same things using conversation. Are you moving from class to class or can you get an English room to promote more sharing of materials and a center for speaking English?

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Post by roastkumara » Mon Jun 20, 2005 1:36 am


I teach high school in Korea - but at a very LOW level (rural low economic area) and like you I make the curriculum and resources myself.... And trying to teach 'Conversation' (as is my job description) to 42 teenagers is near impossible. But I love my job and we all have heaps of fun. Loads of good ideas on www.onestopenglish.com also I found it quite helpful to invest in a few Textbooks and pinched ideas from them as bases for class.

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