How to stir students to study harder/ catch their attention

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How to stir students to study harder/ catch their attention

Post by elviscan » Sun Oct 30, 2005 10:30 am

Now I teach English in a cram school.
How could I stir them to study without any punishment?
Additionally, how could I catch their attention to focus on the Class?
I ask some tips or methods to realease this problem.
By the way, I teach in Asia. (also I'm a non-native.)

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Post by gencebay » Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:08 pm

I must first express that the teacher should not be a teacher only lectur&#305;ng dur&#305;ng the class;I mean s/he should be able to deal with his/her students before and after the class.S/he should be able to be l&#305;ke a friend with students and in this way the teacher can urge students to study to some extent.The teacher must not be monotonous dur&#305;ng the class;but at the same time s/he must show students who the boss is and the teacher msut endear both the lesson and him/herself.If a student doesn't l&#305;ke the lesson or the teacher s/he cant be successful &#305;n that lesson.You may tell them what is waiting for them in the future,be it hard life conditions or good th&#305;ngs(if they study)I am sure you also know these but anyway &#305; have told you.By the way &#305; am a student and turk.of course what we have mentioned above may be enough;only these occured to me for now.Take care.Hope it helps

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How to catch the students attention

Post by iditb » Mon Oct 31, 2005 9:09 pm

Hi Elvis

First I want to tell you that I know exactly how does it feel. I am a teacher too and sometimes it's hard for me to atract my students attention.
Here are few tips:
1) try to be funny - the students always like to laugh. so you may tell a few jokes or funny stories in English.
2) try to find reading text subjects - that are interesting for young adults, like sports, music or Hollywood stories.
3) Tell the students about yourself - try to create personal interst in your life - if they like you they will be ready to learn from you - still don't get too personal.
4) teach a well known song - Bob Dylan has some good, easy to understand songs like "The answer is blowing in the wind". I learned this one many years ago - and I still remember it.

good luck

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