I'm marketable? - BA+MA, but very little exp (M.E. spec...)

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I'm marketable? - BA+MA, but very little exp (M.E. spec...)

Post by mfh3 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:37 am


I'm American, 26 y.o., I just decided to leave graduate school in NY, and am thinking of teaching outside the US for at least the next year or two, ideally starting in the fall.

I have good degrees (MA from Columbia in English, BA from Duke in the same), but pretty minimal experience: only thing that's directly relevant is 2010 - 2011 I worked out of the college counseling office at a high school in Guangzhou - I worked as a TA, helped set up extracurricular programs at the school, and worked with students on writing/composition as well as on assembling their applications for US universities. So relevant . . . but I was a TA, not a teacher, and I don't have any ESL cert's (though I could change that if need be. . . )

I've been viewing job postings here, and not sure where my edu+work experience would place me. I'm interested in university jobs, would prefer Brazil, the ME, maybe Japan, Pakistan or India, but basically just want to get a sense of how far brand name American degrees go and form whom, what my upper limits are, etc.

Curious and trying to learn more about the market & my prospects. any and all feedback+thoughts would be much appreciated

Thank you!

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