how to design questionnaires&test

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how to design questionnaires&test

Post by twaino » Sat Aug 04, 2007 3:46 pm

hi there, i'm an MA student preparing for a thesis on the role of practice in pronunciation teaching in enhancing learners' production of word-stress. before starting my experimental study & to design my teaching material i have to detect my students' mistakes in word-stress through a test & a questionnaire. little ideas came to my mind as to providing diagnostic questions & testing material. from my observations i've noted down the following reasons behind the students' errors of word-stress:

difficulty to apply what has been learnt in phonetics, ignorance of the appropriate pronunciation of certain words, ill-perception, effect of spelling, lack of practice, great influence of another language (be it an L1 or L2 or whatever), inability to focus on both form and content of language simultaneously

plz i need your help in generating appropriate questions & testing exercises. it's urgent, cause i'm about to start my teaching period & i'm running short of time.

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