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practice using English worldwide -

Post by sabwilson » Fri Nov 17, 2006 10:54 pm

Do you teach adults who find that they would like to practice using their knowlege of English outside of the classroom setting? The website is great for all levels of learners as they can post questions to people all over the world who are also raising RFO's (request for opinions) and giving their opinions on all sorts of topics that are of concern locally and globally. The questions are usually written to have a yes/no answer/vote but there is a seperate space for writing comments. It's a new site which went live early November and already has people from all over the world checking it out and writing RFO's. Even begining students can come up with questions which they can translate from a dictionary. I think it's exciting for them to read the comments and interact with others over the internet.
Also for all teachers living abroad or locally it would be great to have them raise RFO's to let the world know what the issues and concerns are where they are living.

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