Text for Low Literacy Independent Work

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Text for Low Literacy Independent Work

Post by MelissaO » Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:58 pm

I may cross post this in adult ed, so please don't be alarmed!

I teach a multilevel ESL class to Hispanic parents in a family literacy program. Not only is this a multilevel class as far as English speaking goes, but also as far as native language education in their home countries. I've got a few students who didn't finish primary school as well as students with B.A.s and one with a Master's degree.

It generally works out pretty well, and even those with very low educational levels enjoy writing. They just need more support, spelling work, and sometimes don't express themselves in writing as fluently as those with more education.

But anyway, I've hit a snag with one of my students. He most likely not only has a learning disability, but he's also stuck on the FACT that he can't write. No matter how much I and his wife express to him that if he writes one sentence when others write eight, we are perfectly happy with his attempt and I just want him to move along at his own speed.

I've tried to adapt and simplify the writing exercises for him, but it's proven futile. He flips out if I simply ask him to copy his vocabulary words five times each, just for the writing practice.

So I need a new tactic....I'm very open to ANY suggestions you can give me. But right now my specific question is about a text that he could work on independently while the others are writing.

What I envision is a text with minimal writing in which he could still be practicing. Maybe a text to go along with listening activities in which he works with pictures? I really don't know...most of the texts I've found still use quite a bit of writing, even if it's low level.

Any suggestions?

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