ESL international lesson goals for young learners

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ESL international lesson goals for young learners

Post by Panpan » Mon Apr 16, 2007 6:04 am

Hi all.
I'm teaching English to 2.5/3.5 year old kids. It means I have my own students every day 5 days a week, all thru the day. I teach them not only language art but also arts and craft. I do everything in English but the children (only 5) don't have an English backround at home.
How do I do it? with the help of a TA and Chinese language teacher (to translate some now and than)52 English is a new language for them. The parents are Chinese and 99% can't speak any English so reinforcement at home is excluded.

I would like to send a clear message to the parents about what the children are able to learn -given their situation such as second language learners, aged 2-3.5 and lacking reinforcement at home.
Parents in China often have expectation way too high.
What are realistic goals? (I'm only interested in the language part here) Is there something like a complete curriculum for preschool ages ESL children?

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