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TOEIC preparation courses

Post by Vytenis » Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:40 pm

We are planning to introduce the TOEIC exams for out business administration students. Our idea is that the business English course we teach, should be aimed at getting the students to a required threshold level, which is scoring a required number of points in the TOEIC test. Can anyone racommend any TOEIC preparation courses which we could use in our classes? Are there any prepared TOEIC courses or should we pick and choose?

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Post by hamburgenglish » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:39 pm

Try, also under

The website is one of the best resourses on the internet and can be packaged for schools to use for their students in or out of class.

Here is the information ...

Official TOEIC Test Centre and Administrators.
Personal Interactive TOEIC Training Coach.
Two Training Plan Options.
The Only Simulated FULL TOEIC Test Online.
Over 3000 Real TOEIC Exercise Questions.
English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises.
English Idioms and Idiomatic Phrase Exercises.
TOEIC Listening Comprehension Exercises.
TOEIC Speaking Module Exercises.
See your Estimated TOEIC Level.
See your Strengths and Weaknesses.
Focus your Training for Quick Score Improvement.

And here is an Article ...

The idea of focused training has entered the arena of the TOEIC Test. OnlineEnglish have captured the market by applying focused training techniques to business English language training with special concentration on preparation for the TOEIC test.

See your level - See where you need to learn - See your progress - See your Improvement - Know when your ready for the test. This is the motto of OnlineEnglish, but how?

Training on the website is unique and commences with a TOEIC estimate test. The test has been developed and tested over 3 years and is designed to analyze a person's English proficiency related to the TOEIC test. The results of the estimate test are shown graphically on what OnlineEnglish call "the performance monitor"

The performance monitor shows students a graph of their ability for each question type in the TOEIC test. From this information a student can see instantly where they need to improve. Students can then train and improve by completing hundreds of TOEIC exercises grouped understandably into question type categories. Naturally this focused training provides faster improvement results than just broad training techniques.

As students complete the exercises, they can always see their progress and moreover, they will be able to see an estimate of their improvement. Completion of the estimate test after a period of training will show the student what score they could possibly get the in real TOEIC Test, so they know when they have a good chance of getting the score they need.

Naturally, geared for the TOEIC, the website also offers many tips and gives advice not only on the questions and how a person is being tested, but also what to expect when attending a test sitting and what to expect in respect to general administration.

But there is much more to TOEIC and business English than just repeatedly completing TOEIC questions, something that many have forgotten. For this reason, at OnlineEnglish students will find a comprehensive English grammar and vocabulary area. This area supports training and helps participants develop their Basic English skills.

But what is the use of knowledge if a person cannot use the language? Language use comes from practice and OnlineEnglish have recognized this as well. Students will find additional exercise areas developed to improve listening comprehension; the identification of information in talks, discussions and conversations, including exercises for speaking and pronunciation.

The most recent addition to these supplementary training areas is the addition of a very unique sentence practice exercise. Students can copy and paste texts from newspapers and magazines into the exercise and it will automatically create a challenging missing word exercise, allowing the student to further improve vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

With all these unique features, one may feel that nothing else can be added, but for OnlineEnglish it doesn't stop. "One must appreciate the times and pressures of the test as well as what is expected. One must have the opportunity to plan their test approach and not be disadvantaged for a true measurement of English level to occur" says the creator of OnlineEnglish.

For this reason, students will also find a full 2 hour simulated TOEIC test that they can complete. The test is based upon the real test and really gives students "the feel" they need to overcome any disadvantages.

The story goes on because the training website is far from passive as every student will get the support privately by email from a qualified TOEIC trainer and authorized TOEIC administrator.

To finalize our look at this unique TOEIC training and preparation area, students will receive weekly emails with information, examples, interesting comments and homework.

Continually updated, OnlineEnglish put the true meaning back into the word TOEIC Preparation.

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