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Free Online EAP Vocabulary, Reading and Listening Practice

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:46 am    Post subject: Free Online EAP Vocabulary, Reading and Listening Practice Reply with quote

Hi, here's a list of links to podcasts I've produced over the last year. I've categorised the topics according to subject areas. So, for instance, yesterday's podcast included vocab and a multichoice exercise based on an interview with a health researcher - so it can be found under 'health'. Some podcasts have been put into more than one category - for example, the one on Pacific Globalisation appears in International Business as well as in NZ culture. Each podcast also contains various other sections, including vocabulary and questions about New Zealand society. If you'd like to embed the podcast player into your own webpage or facebook page etc, I've included at the end the code you need to paste in. Enjoy - and feel free to give your feedback.

Martin Mcmorrow, Massey University, New Zealand

Science and Technology

UFO Investigation
Speed of light
Invisibility materials
Cern lab goes colder than space
Robotic communication
Honda’s hydrogen car
Future phones
Heating from underground aquifers
Blu-ray triumph
Machines to match man by 2029
Next generation supersonic aircraft
Research into Auckland’s volcanic field
Nuclear Fusion
Solar car


Cloud computing
Surface computing
Information management
Tips to stay safe online
Computer hacking
Virtual theft
Teenage online behaviour and personal security

Biology and Botany

Bird origins and family trees
Buffalo in Australia
Can our bodies adapt to being night owls?
Carnivorous plants
Cold-sore virus
Family relations among plants
Mass extinctions
Smart animals
Spatial learning of bees
Tomatoes as a guard against sunburn
Whales and how they hunt
The human heart
Dissection of a Great White Shark

Ecology and Conservation

Life without plastic
Conservation of lemurs
Freecycle Organisation
Advancing sustainability
Antarctica environments
Climate change in New Zealand
Green city in the Gulf
Kakapo Conservation
New Zealand environment and people
Oil reserves and usage
Organic farming in China
Tuatara conservation
Turtle conservation
Water usage
Green motoring
Solar car


No sleep renders brain erratic
Psychology of driving
Brain function and life expectancy
Brain function and internet use in elderly
Near-death experiences
Depression risk highest in 40s
Philosophy of happiness
Decision error
Sleep and memory
Psychology of cheating
Genes play happiness role
Psychology of deal-making


Insects as part of the diet around the world
Male behaviour in humans and animals
Tattoos in different cultures
Nagaland: India’s lost world
Curvy women may be a better bet
Digital ethnography

Social Policy and Development

Women at university in Cambodia
How to fund Japan’s ageing society
Social networking niches
Intangible heritage
Slum redevelopment in Mumbai
Globalisation or self-sufficiency?
Dealing with antisocial offenders
New Zealand quality of life survey
Dealing with antisocial offenders
Criminality and upbringing
Language retention
Brazilian social and economic development
Daily life in a British prison
Urban planning in Monaco
Refugees in Australia and elsewhere
Global Urbanisation
Influencing teenagers’ online behaviour
Dating Agencies

Gender Studies

Valuing women’s domestic work
First female Minister of Defence in Spain
Women at university in Cambodia
Male and female sexuality


Language learning and sport
Finland stays at top of global class
The world’s worst student
Chinese attitudes towards education, career and family
Women at university in Cambodia
University course in human sexuality in Singapore
CALM website for student mental health


Health services in developing countries
Diet drinks & obesity
Breakfast keeps teenagers lean
Health problems of Indian men in New Zealand
Student mental health
Social networks and obesity
Religious intolerance
Amazon tribe turns to cyberspace for survival
Research into acupuncture for pain reduction


Dating the Roman invasion of Britain
10 ideas that changed history
Uncovering Augustus’ house in Rome

Literature & Film Studies

Director of new Hobbit film
80th anniversary of Mickey Mouse


Exhibition of art about failed relationships

Management and Organisations

Management Guru 1: Charles Handy
Management Guru 2:Peter Drucker
Anthropological basis for behaviours of male bosses
Executive promotion
Scenario Planning
Active Inertia Management
Organisation culture in the multicultural workforce
Psychology of deal-making
Vendor relationship management

International Business

China’s and New Zealand’s economies compared
Sustainable tourism in China
Starbucks in Aussie Exit
Migrants’ contribution to the economy
Evaluation of the NZ-China FTA
Vietnam: Halfway from rags to riches
China’s young entrepreneurs
Globalisation of the Village (lecture by Prof. Cluny MacPherson)
China will beef up market position
China growth at a 13-year peak
Australia’s skills shortage


The credit crunch
Tightening consumer spending


Information management
Google: A case study
E-business case-study
E-business: dotcom survivors
Young IT entrepreneurs
Employment conditions at Google
Blu-ray triumph

Human Resources

Retaining multicultural staff
Personal values in the multicultural workplace
Introduction to the multicultural workplace


Branding and litter
Starbucks' customer service
Apple brand has most impact
Word of mouse: Social-network marketing
Word of mouth advertising


Inheritance dispute
Restrictions on food advertising


Interview with Kiwi endurance cyclist
Case-study of Olympic athlete 1 (Somalia)
Case-study of Olympic athlete 2 (Costa Rica)
Case-study of Olympic athlete 3 (Hungarian)
Case-study of Olympic athlete 4 (Cambodian)
Case-study of Olympic athlete 5 (Indian)

New Zealand culture and society

Health problems of Indian men in New Zealand
Hairy men unattractive to Kiwi women
Gender imbalance
Steve Maharey profile
Cook Island language
Chinese migrant’s story
New Zealand migration policy
Auckland’s growth
The New Zealand birth rate
New Zealand environment and people
Treaty of Waitangi basics
Do Chinese New Zealanders look younger?
Interview with Sir Peter Snell
Extreme weather in New Zealand
Maori language week
Introduction to Auckland
Extreme weather in New Zealand
Migrants’ contribution to the economy
Climate change in New Zealand
Graffiti offenders may wear pink
New Zealand quality of life survey
Buddha’s birthday in Christchurch
Lifestyle main drawcard for migrants
Restrictions on food advertising
Director of Hobbit film announced
New Zealand national identity
Profile of Takapuna beach
New Zealand wine sales
Globalisation of the Village (lecture by Prof. Cluny MacPherson)
Chinese nurses could help staff shortage
Employment workshops for migrants on the North Shore
Unseasonably warm weather
Bicycles in Auckland a mobile call away
New Zealand dolphin saves beached whale
What to do in Wellington and Christchurch
Kiwi Quiz
kiwi quiz again
Trip to ninety-mile beach
New Zealand’s top 17 hazards
Disabled surfing in New Zealand
North Shore City

Global Culture

A Japanese blues-singer’s career
Overview of Chinese culture
China’s Olympic Fever
An Indian woman private detective
Profile of an unusual young Indian artist
An unusual island community in the Arctic Circle
Denmark: World’s happiest nation?
St Patrick’s Day and Irish culture
British migrants in Australia
Dealing with tax evasion in Italy
Organic farming in China
Vancouver is the best place to live
Nigeria sues over child smokers
Chinese attitudes towards education, career and family
Aborigines open Canberra Parliament

Miscellaneous News Items

Cat’s daily routine baffles owner
Maid finds boss is missing father
Man buys chevy with loose change
Birthday party snub sparks debate
Hollywood screenwriters’ strike
Cat puts Japanese rail firm on track
Fat squirrel trapped behind bars
Chinese earthquake May 2008
China begins new world-record wheel
Violinist plays for taxi driver
Inquest into Princess Diana’s death
Spoofs and Scams
A silent disco

Code to paste into your webpage in order to embed the podcast player there:

<div style="margin-bottom:-5px;"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" width="320" height="340" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="thumbsinplaylist=true&width=320&height=340&file=" /></div><div><a target="martinmcmorrow" href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a></div>
<br><a border=0 href="*cDovL3dpbGRmaXJlLmdpZ3lhLmNvbS93aWxkZmlyZS93ZnBvcC5hc3B4P21vZHVsZT1lbWFpbCZ1cmw9aHR*cCUzQSUyRiUyRnd3dyUyRXBvZG9tYXRpYyUyRWNvbSUyRnBvZGNhc3QlMkZlbWJlZCUyRm1hcnRpbm1jbW9ycm93" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="60" height="20" /></a><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyMzU1MTI5ODk3MzMmcHQ9MTIzNTUxNTM4ODk3MyZwPTg*NjgxJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPTEyM2MyMzc1ZmEzOTRkNjQ5ZjlmMWQ5MjA3NWY1YTQz.gif" />
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