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Podcasts for the Sciences

Post by martinmcmorrow » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:46 pm

Science and Technology

UFO Investigation
Speed of light
Invisibility materials
Cern lab goes colder than space
Robotic communication
Honda’s hydrogen car
Future phones
Blu-ray triumph
Machines to match man by 2029
Next generation supersonic aircraft
Research into Auckland’s volcanic field
Nuclear Fusion
Solar car
Nuclear power


History of Mathematics
Operations research


Cloud computing
Surface computing
Information management
Tips to stay safe online
Computer hacking
Virtual theft
Teenage online behaviour and personal security
History of the Internet
Ethics of Google ads

Ecology and Conservation

Life without plastic
Conservation of lemurs
Freecycle Organisation
Advancing sustainability
Antarctica environments
Climate change in New Zealand
Green city in the Gulf
Kakapo Conservation
New Zealand environment and people
Oil reserves and usage
Organic farming in China
Tuatara conservation
Turtle conservation
Water usage
Green motoring
Solar car
Global warming and biodiversity

Biology and Botany

Bird origins and family trees
Buffalo in Australia
Can our bodies adapt to being night owls?
Carnivorous plants
Cold-sore virus
Family relations among plants
Mass extinctions
Smart animals
Spatial learning of bees
Tomatoes as a guard against sunburn
Whales and how they hunt
Dissection of a Great White Shark
Human organs 1: The human heart
Human organs 2: the stomach
Human organs 3: the small intestine
Australia's unique mammal - The duckbill platypus
Genetics and morality


Health services in developing countries
Diet drinks & obesity
Breakfast keeps teenagers lean
Health problems of Indian men in New Zealand
Student mental health
Social networks and obesity
Research into acupuncture for pain reduction
Ageing and Alzheimers Disease
Research into obesity
Benefits and risks of chocolate
‘swine flu’


No sleep renders brain erratic
Psychology of driving
Brain function and life expectancy
Brain function and internet use in elderly
Near-death experiences
Depression risk highest in 40s
Sleep and memory
Psychology of cheating
Genes play happiness role
Psychology of deal-making
Behavioural economics
Creative thinking (with Edward de Bono)
CALM website for student mental health

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