My first class puker! What do you do when this happens?

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My first class puker! What do you do when this happens?

Post by travelgoddess » Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:24 pm

I had my first puker in the 2nd class, and Up 2 class. It was near the end of class, and I didnt see her until after the two CT's in the class were running towards her with a garbage can. Oh my. The amount of stuff flowing from her little mouth was impressive, and, well, yellow to be quite descriptive. Now, I have seen people puke when they are sick and when they are drunk, but I have never seen anyone throw up in a classroom before, esp when I am supposed to be the one keeping things running smoothly. I had no friggin idea what to do. But the CT's were amazing (there were two in this class cause my reg one is leaving and the other one is observing, she will be taking over soon). They both ran to help her (she was sitting in the front right corner, right near the door, what luck!), so I figured the best thing to do was to distract the very watching class from this poor girls embarassing moment.

So, I went on teaching as this poor little girl was puking up a lung. They did get her out of the classroom quickly, but some of her stuff was on the desk. And the kids were pointing to ME to get it away. I covered it with tissues and before I had a chance to do anything else (there is a goddess) the CT's were back and took care of it. Whew!Cause to be honest, I started to gag, and me puking on top of hers stuff would not have been a pretty site. Oh man! I gotta hand it to the girl though. She wasnt gone too long from the class and when she returned she stayed and did all her homework without a fuss. I think she was a bit embarrassed, but I tried not to treat her any different then the others to help her get over this embarassment. Who knows if it helped. Whew. Never saw this coming. Dont think they teach you this when you get an ESL cert! haha.


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