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School List/Contact Info for the Philippines (Here it is.)

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Joined: 02 Feb 2010
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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 5:49 pm    Post subject: School List/Contact Info for the Philippines (Here it is.) Reply with quote

Philippines: (Lists Academy addresses and phone numbers in the Philippines) (Lists some jobs in the Philippines) (List many schools in the Philippines)
On homepage, page down to English Schools in Asia to locate websites and directly contact schools

***If already in the Philippines, pick up the Sun Star or Freeman English Newspapers for teacher ads***

Language Schools:
Cebu: 3E Corp (Cebu Yacht Club) [email protected]
Cebu: ACE Academy [email protected]
Cebu: AITI [email protected]
Cebu: CEI [email protected]
Cebu: CIE (Mabolo) 63-32-232-0199
Cebu: Cebu Languages Academy [email protected]
Cebu: CPILS [email protected]
Cebu: Cleverlearn 63-32-495=8569/236-9548
Cebu: English Fella [email protected]
Cebu: Junior/Senior [email protected]
Cebu??? Kaigen KEED Language Center [email protected]
Cebu: KPELIS [email protected] 32-344-9023
Cebu: MTM [email protected]
Cebu: SE Asia English Experience Institute [email protected]
Cebu: SME (Talamban) 63-32-346-7297
Cebu: STI (Mandaue) 63-32-344-9828
Cebu: UC ESL Program (Banilad) 63-32-416-1883
Cebu: Woodridge School (Banilad) 63-32-345-9813
Davao: Bethel Language & Cultural Center (SMYL Intl School) [email protected]
Laguna: e3 Language Studio [email protected] 63-916-371-7977/929-272-5869 63-49-827-3914
Luzon: (Baguio) Brown Sam School [email protected]
Luzon: (Quezon) Discovery Intl Language Center [email protected]
Luzon: (Makati) Advanced Speech & Acad. Professionals [email protected]
[email protected] 63-2-894-4311/856-4463
Luzon: (Makati) American Institute for English Proficiency [email protected]
Luzon: (Makati) Princeton Review 63-2-840-0938/813-3293
Luzon: (Makati) Talk Shop [email protected]
Luzon: (Manila) American English Skills Dev. Center
Luzon: (Manila) Intl English Language Center [email protected] 63-926-508-3251
Luzon: (Muntinlupa) Global Reach Training Academy [email protected]
Luzon: (Pasig) Asian Center for Foreign Languages [email protected] 63-2-637-3384/687-7342
Luzon: (Pasig) Evoke Learning Center [email protected] 63-2-733-7334 local 109
Negros: (Dumaguete) Intl Language Center William Scanlon (email???)
Negros (Dumaguete) SP Intl [email protected]

International Schools:
Cebu: Cebu Intl School [email protected]
Fax 63-32-401-1904 Phone 63-32-401-1904 [email protected]
Cebu: Cebu Learning Center 32-231-0599
Cebu: Harvest Christian Intl School
T : (632) 232 9608 F : (632) 231 0208 [email protected]
Luzon: Brent Intl Schools [email protected]
Fax 632-633-8420 Phone 632-631-1265 to 68 Web
Luzon: British School Manila
T : (632) 840 1570 F : (632) 840 1520
Luzon: Estefan Intl School [email protected]
T : (632) 844 2812 F : (632) 810
Luzon/Davao: Faith Academy
T : (632) 658 0048 F : (632) 658 0026
Luzon: Intl School Manila [email protected]
Fax 632 8408405 Phone 632 8408440 Web


Some will be hiring, others not. There's one way to find out.

Most emails and phone numbers should be current, but others may not be (it goes with the territory). Some schools remain and some schools perish. Yet, there is work.

I have found that most language academies in the Philippines (like most of South Asia) will not return emails (though there are exceptions). It is not a question of a language barrier but rather a location issue (are you in the Philippines). It is probably easier if you are already in the Philippines and inquire if they are hiring. International Schools usually hire from overseas (thus answer emails). If in the Philippines, you will get email replies. It's still better to inquire by phone. Again if in the Philippines, find the phone number for the school (search school name via websites, local phone books, even some local expat bars) and call them to schedule a time to drop by and say hello.

Best of luck.

By the way, just FYI, I have worked in the Philippines at a language academy (1 year - 2002) and an international school (2 years 2006-2008). I was hired for the language academy while overseas. I was hired by the international school while in the Philippines. Go figure! Both schools provided a work visa. The language school even provided accomodation.

All is possible if you try. Good luck!

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Catherine Sweeney

Joined: 27 Oct 2010
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 2:39 pm    Post subject: when do terms start? Reply with quote

great list of schools to try contacting - just wondering when is the "hiring season" in the philippines and, in turn, when is it best to apply/ contact schools..?

thanks in advance!
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Joined: 31 May 2016
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Location: Quezon City

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Why most of the list is in Cebu City? What about the NCR?
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