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Overwhelmed with choosing 120h TESOL/TEFL certification!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Geostride87 wrote:
Everything checks out except for the white face part Rolling Eyes

I'm totally on board with going over and teaching for a bit without the initial investment in TEFL, and then using time off to do a CELTA, if we choose to continue on with teaching.

Do you know of any schools we can contact and interview with before hand, so that we can have something set up before arriving, or any contacts you'd recommend us getting in touch with before we arrive? Or is this scenario strictly based on arriving and shopping around for positions. You can understand why we'd be most comfortable having something set up before we arrive, given this is our first time doing this!

I've been on the job board and, despite the fact that you're right about what's needed to teach in Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam, most job postings still ask for a TEFL. Are there any local job boards you know of?

The white face part was not meant in jest. Racial bias is alive and well in Asia. If your too thin skinned or PC to deal with it then best not be getting on an airplane because it will bite you in the azz.
(eg: white face and generic degree = 35k thb/month. Filipino with 8.5 IELTS, certified as a Cambridge speaking examiner, with a degree in education, and valid teacher's license = 20k thb/month).

The simple truth of EFL in SE Asia is that schools would ideally like to have licensed teachers with education degrees and specializations in TEFL.

What they usually settle for are white faces (often Eastern Europeans) who can sort of speak English. If they are lucky the chalky might even have a degree or a TEFL cert. Chances of finding someone with both in the teacher's room are pretty slim.

Finding work ahead of time is a fools errand in SE Asia.

If you were talking Korea or China then the recruiter and pre-arranged job are pretty much a necessity. In SE Asia it is pretty much the worst thing you can do and liable to land you in some mosquito infested swamp with classes of 60 in small rooms with no aircon and no support.

NOBODY hires inexperienced and unlicensed teachers from abroad. There are too many tire kickers who have the dream but will never buy a plane ticket and there are too many unqualified white faces willing to fly in and work simply to travel and extend their winter in the tropics.

For SE Asia: fly in, land and get a job.
Hiring here happens from early April to the start of the school year in mid May.

If you are a native speaker with a degree then the chances of landing a job are 100%. Jobs outnumber legal (defined as being able to get a visa and work permit) teachers by 5-1 in April/May. If you are here at the end of April (after Songkran) then you will be working on May 1; 100%.

Land here in February and you will be spinning your wheels waiting for the summer vacation (March to May) to end.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

And if you want to make around 5x what a TEFL teacher makes (even one with a CELTA/Trinity/SIT cert - by the way these are the ONLY short courses you should consider IMHO) and have options worldwide - get certified as a Canadian science teacher, do a couple years in a Canadian public school, and then start applying for international school positions abroad.
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