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Warning - ATHS (formerly IAT)

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PC Parrot

Joined: 11 Dec 2009
Posts: 459
Location: Moral Police Station

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:21 am    Post subject: Warning - ATHS (formerly IAT) Reply with quote

I’ve been waiting to post this for 6 years. Waiting for my friend to receive everything financially due to him, so as to not jeopardise anything.

He left on July 12, 2018 having impeccably fulfilled all contractual obligations. He finally got paid, Oct 4th, for July salary & gratuity. Why the delay? ATHS do this because they can, and because it is who they are. They want to keep staff, chattels, on a leash. It’s a power thing.

In administrative matters they demand instant compliance from staff under threat of punishment, but when staff make requests of them it is often met with utter indifference, or contempt, and always with incompetence.

This attitude manifests itself in a whole variety of ways, one of which is outlined below.

You will be expected to cancel your evening, weekend, and even holiday plans at the drop of a hat, regardless of the financial and personal loss to yourself or your family. These last minute evening and weekend duties could have been assigned weeks or even months in advance if admin had any regard whatsoever for their staff. ATHS twice changed the official winter holidays with only weeks to go. Obviously, in their cloud-cuckoo land, people buy their plane tickets at the last possible minute, over the phone while in a taxi on the way to the airport. That a teacher’s family might also make plans around the teacher’s movements is a concept infinity beyond the intellectual processing capacity at every level of admin at ATHS. They are incapable of seeing beyond their end of their nose.

You are a skivvy at their beck and call. They own you. At least that’s what they think. It’s beyond their comprehension to understand that they get less from their staff, not more, by treating them like the labour force that built the pyramids.

Word limit reached. Stop.
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PC Parrot

Joined: 11 Dec 2009
Posts: 459
Location: Moral Police Station

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

After several requests for more information, let me add the following:

Staff at ATHS will suffer the humiliation of having to queue to clock-in, on some campuses using a singular, outdated, and dysfunctional finger-print reader. They will also have to queue to get out sometimes for up to 10 mins. Nice one HR. Real motivator! Did I hear someone say ‘neolithic’? And if, god forbid, you should happen to be 1 minute short for the day you will be docked half a day’s pay ... despite having been forced to work late the night or weekend before without notice, without thanks, and without extra pay.

Your workload will increase semester after semester as one coordinator replaces another and introduces their great brainchild that will revolutionise the way students learn ... which will inevitably stutter to a forgettable halt having achieved nothing but adding to the teachers’ ever growing workload.

You’re contact hours will grow and grow, too. As more and more teachers do the sensible thing and run, including school principals (!), the extra workload is shared between those who stay. Quite a few teachers will take sickies, and quite frankly who could blame them, for which you will have to cover on top of your basic 25 to 30 classes. And then add to that the sharing out of the duties of staff on maternity leave. You will be cut no slack for these extra duties, nor will you receive extra pay .... or even be thanked!

They are a reprehensible outfit whose approach is sadly all too prevalent in the Gulf. Of course, they don’t see themselves in this light. They are far too busy gazing in amazement at the smoke and mirrors that they themselves create!

If you do go there, use it only as a brief stepping stone and always look after number one.

They will abuse you at every turn talking nonsense about being professional. Hahaha!! They wouldn’t know the word if it came up and bit them on their fat administrative @#%!
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