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Don't work for Schools designed for Pedophiles. WARNING

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David Wilson

Joined: 16 Apr 2003
Posts: 1
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2003 3:17 am    Post subject: Don't work for Schools designed for Pedophiles. WARNING Reply with quote

I want to preface this information I am going to write by first saying it isn't something anyone wants to hear, or most likely has even thought about.

I have been a teacher for almost 10 years, teaching mostly Esl. I have dealt with a few schools, some good some bad. I have a PhD in education and do tend to speak my mind on some occasions.

I Arrived here in Taipei in January of this year, with a good and clear concept of where to do it, and what to do. I spent the month of January learning the lay of the land, the players, and the many pitfalls one does not really hear about on the net.

When contract change time came about the end of January I was ready to sign with a school that I was sure had all of the right qualifications, and I could feel was a good school for the students as well as the teachers that taught them.

I was part of a compliment of three non-Chinese teachers. The school one of five in a small chain was of an exclusive nature and only had higher end students with very well situated parents.

A wonderful school, all of the most high tech toys provided for the edification of the pre-school aged enrollees. The schools teaching programs were very demanding as compared to most other schools, and the students learned at a very fast pace.

What more could an education oriented person want? This was great.


Within the first few weeks, I started wondering about some of the more unusual practices that went on in the school. I ask but my questions fell on deaf ears.

What, you might want to know were these unusual practices? First was the arrangement of the toilets for student use. Normally, in schools for the very young, there will be a series of many small toilets without dividers. This is so that staff members can assist the little ones in what ever they have to do. But in this school that caters to students from 5 years old, up to age 15, (for after school) all students, were required to use the same restroom. This might seem like bad planning. But the part that will get you is that in the middle of all these small toilets is one full size urinal for male teachers. (Remember no dividers).

At first I was embarrassed to use it when there were little girls "sitting" there. One day there was a girl about 12 years old in there. I could see by the expression on her face that she was embarrassed with the situation.

I ask about this situation to other non-Chinese teachers who like myself were using this restroom. They felt the same as I did.

In a company meeting I ask straight out about this situation to one of the directors of the school (chain), and why there was no private restroom for teachers. The subject was changed.

Two days later much to our surprise a small room that had always been locked was unlocked, and inside was a standard American type toilet and sink. But we were sadly awakened when men came and removed the fixtures and patched the floor, and installed shelves for storage.

I asked other teachers in other branches to ask if it was the same situation there where they were teaching, and they said that it was. One teacher mentioned that they were just a bunch of sicko's. I wasn't sure about what she meant.

Again I opened the topic at a Teacher admin meeting. This time I got an answer. I was terminated!

NOW, I know some of you are going to say "I am disgruntled; no I am not disgruntled, I am however just getting to the good part...

SO I said to my self, well Tealit had about a zillion jobs at the time it should be no problem to get another job.

I applied to several, Using a letter of recommendation from this previous school. (They offered it to me, I accepted it) since their reason for breaking my contract was that they felt I was "over qualified" for the job. However that's when the problems started.

Overqualified? Is this a key word, I thought? Well I went to maybe 20 interviews, each one never got back to me. What was I that dam ugly? Or that old, and have excellent references, education, willing to accept any reasonable compensation. I thought, I would just re-contact these schools, and ask: Could they help me by telling me what I need to do to do to avoid all these rejections. Most that I ask just said that they had found people more suited to the younger learners.


I was told: STOP USING THE LETTER OF REFFERAL FROM THAT SCHOOL. I ask "WHY". And was told that the school has a reputation that is very well known in Taipei, and any teachers that have worked for them are avoided.


What reputation? Only one person was kind enough to tell me, and then said, "Remember I didn't tell you that".

THE SCHOOL IS KNOW FOR HAVING A PEDOPHILE FOR AN OWNER, AND THAT THE SCHOOLS ARNT HIS MAIN BUSINESS. IT'S JUST HIS PERSONAL HOBBY. That on more than one occasion the school has been raided, foreign teachers charged by the police for child molestation. But the foreign teacher just leaves the country, charges dropped. A little money goes under the table and it all goes away.

I really had a hard time believing that, wasn't it just a little extreme?

WOW I thought, it this for real? I didn't see any of that kind of thing. But then I thought harder on it. I wasn't really paying attention to that kind of thing. There was a time when I was wondering to my self about some of the small girl students, (I will describe this but I hope the MODS of this forum don't delete it) who would while I was sitting come up and start using my knee to rub against. I thought this behavior was unusual the first time it happened, however it happened several times, with different students in the 5 year old range. I discouraged it by standing up when they would start. To me I though this might just be the way these students are here in Taiwan. (Maybe I am dumb). There are cameras everywhere, passwords are required to access them on the internet. But not all the cameras are accessable with normal passwords.

Ok I said to myself, so we go out and don't use the referral. Wala !
Two interviews, a job.

I just want all to be aware, that you might want to think about referrals from some of the small chains, it might be this school. Keep your eyes open, look where you are.

Again Disgruntled? No, Pissed? yes !

I wanted to sue them for breach of contract, however my lawyer said that if I tried, since they have an inside connection with the police, I would get deported before it ever went to court.

If I put the name of the School, then The Mod most likely will remove it. SO to protect Dave's wonderful Forum, I will hint? Or use reverse engineering...
As far as the four points on the Compass, it's not "WESTon"

Just be Careful, I want to put my name here but I am still teaching here in Taipei, and like the current school I am at. Really don't want to be deported.... so I will chicken out on the name, But I swear it's the truth.
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