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esl in italy

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Joined: 31 May 2003
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:01 am    Post subject: esl in italy Reply with quote


it has been some time since i have posted here, and i need to get caught up by reading some of messages here. but i thought i might try to save some time by saking a few questions and getting the ball rolling. i was hoping to get to italy to teach several years ago, but the timing wan't right for me. it looks like things are coming together for me now so hopefully i'll be able to work it out soon.

first, a little about myself. i am american. i speak a litle italian, but would plan on taking an immersion course when i get there and become fluent. i have degrees in medicine (family practice doctor), microbiology and molecular biology (master's), and biology and chemistry (bachelor's). i have teaching expereince from when i was a graduate student, but it is in the sciences and not in english if you recommend it, i would take a celta course when i arrive in italy. this was the norm for becoming qualified when i last looked into esl in italy, but that was several years ago. i have duel citizenship and an eu passport.

i have several questions.

is gettign a celta certificate still a good thing to do? will that help me get a job once there?

last time i was looking, i was strongly thinking of verone or bologna. there seemed to be quite a bit of support for that idea here on the boards because there were quite a few schools in those towns and there is a university in bologna. do you still think that would be a good idea? one of the reasons i believe bologna or a university town was suggested is that i might be able to do some specialized teaching or translating in the sciences or medicine. do you still think that might be available?

what are esl teachers in italy earning these days? when i was last looking it was in the 12 to 13,000 euro range. what does one charge for private tutoring these days? i certainly do not expect to earn what i did as a physician, but i do need to be able to support myself.

what sort of documentation do i need to show my duel citizenship? is my eu passport sufficient? if not, what eloe do i need and where do i obtain it?

whata re living costs (rent, heat, food)? does one need health insurance? do most people have cars or get around using public transportation?

thanks so much in advance for all your help. if you have any other advice or suggestions feel free to add it.

have a happy new year, good luck, and i look forward to hearing from you!

take care,

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Teacher in Rome

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Jeff

Thought I recognised your username!

Not much has changed in Italy over the last few years, except there's less of it all... Less pay, fewer opportunities, and probably fewer students. As long as you have dual nationality, you can live and work here. No idea what documentation you need to bring (I'm EU so have never had to show anything except passport) but you'll need a codice fiscale, and then to get residence rolling so you can apply for a partita IVA if you're going the freelance route. (I'd recommend an accountant for that - and for all your tax affairs in general.)

A CELTA is always a good thing in Italy - it will keep doors open for you. Teaching experience is also good - you'll have some on your CELTA (though not much) so anything else extra you can do is great - even if it's only tutoring.

Pay depends on where you're teaching. Do you want to work freelance or for a school? There have been some really informative posts on here from a teacher in Bologna - suggest you read these for most up-to-date info.

Public transport is a lot cheaper than running a car. Petrol is now the most expensive in all Europe (1.70 per litre and going up) and insurance is through the roof. You won't be able to transfer any of your no claims from existing US insurance, either. Second hand cars cost almost as much as new ones... I never had a car for most of my time in Rome, and never really needed one.

Good luck!
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