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Getting a Job - Things You Need to Know

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2004 7:36 am    Post subject: Getting a Job - Things You Need to Know Reply with quote

1 - Getting A Job

1. FYI - Deceptive Practices by Hagwons

Resumes, Applications & Interviews

1. Resume Writing Tips
2. 5 Questions About Getting A Job at a Korean University
3. Uni Interview - What to expect?
4. Interview Experiences
5. Agressive Interviews - Any Tips?
6. Submitting a Picture with your Resume
7. University Interview

Do I Need a Degree?

The simple answer is yes, you do need a degree (in any discipline) to secure an E2 visa which enable you to legally teach English in South Korea. The following links discuss degrees and the pros and cons of teaching illegally.

1. Korea Without A Degree?
2. Still Waiting For My Degree
3. Are Transcripts Really Necessary to get an E2 Visa?
4. Degree
5. Just TESOL?
6. Degree requirement for Teaching in Korea
7. Visa For Teaching
8. Original Degree or Notorized Copy?
9.Notarized Degrees: How Many Should I Get?
10. British 3 Year Degrees Enough for an E2
11. I Haven't Finished My Degree
12. Bachelor of Science Vs Bachelor of Arts
13. My Degree/Certificate is Written in Latin!
14. Is it legal to teach without a degree?

Will I be Able to Save Money?

Most people on this board will argue that it is absolutely possible to save money in Korea Very Happy

1. Cost of Living in Korea?
2. Living Expenses ?Realistically
3. Can You Save Money in Korea?
4. Korean Salaries/Cost of Living
5. Making and Saving Tips
6. Cost of Living
7. Living Expenses Vs Saving in Korea
8. Is it possible to save money on 2.0-2.3 million won?
9. Cost of Living in Korea
10. Prices?

What Sort of Salary and Working Condition Should I Expect?

1. What is a Reasonable Salary For a Qualified Teacher?

Should I Use a Recruiter?

There is a great divide between those who would never use a recruiter and those that do.

1. Bad and fairly good recruiters?
2. Recruiter Bashing ?What's the Big Deal?
3. Anyone Know a Decent Recruiter for the Seoul Area?
4. Do you Avoid Recruiters?
5. Recruiters Based in the UK
6. Jack's Recruiter Run-Down
7. Know Any Good Recruiters?

Should I Just Come to Korea and Then Find Work?

A lot of people think that this is the way to go if you have the funds to pay for your own airfare and to support yourself for up to 2 months. The disadvantage is that you won't have accommodation and co-workers awaiting you.

1. Landing in Korea Without a Job?
2. Case Study: Help Me Get Over to South Korea in 4 Weeks
3. Cheap Hotels for One Month
4. If I just come to Seoul without a job...

Where can I Find the Blacklists/Graylists/Whitelists?

There are a lot of arguments about the pros and cons of the Blacklists and Whitelists. Some question the validity of them while others think they are a good place to start. Read these threads for further information.

1. Reputability of Schools
2. The Hagwon Report
3. How accurate are the blacklists?
4. Best Hagwons or Recruiters ?Any Advice?
5. Korea Newfie's Ultimate Recruiter List

Split Shifts

1. Life Expectancy of a Split Shifter?

How Long Until I Start Working?

1. How Long Will It Take To Get a Job?

Am I Too Old to Teach in Korea?

The general consensus, fortunately, is that you're never too old to teach in Korea. It may take a little longer to secure a good position but don't let your age detract you from job hunting.

1. Am I too Old?
2. Job at Over 60
3. Finding a Job for a Man over 60
4. Information Please
5. 32: Old for uni job?

Will I Have a Problem Finding a Job Because I am Not White?

Unfortunately, there's a very strong preferences by Directors for having a white face teaching English to students here in Korea. Lots of reasons why are discussed here. But don't be deterred, it might just take a little longer to find an employer who is not discriminating.

1. How Common is Discrimination?
2. Reasons Why Gyopos Aren뭪 Hired?
3. Non White Teachers in Korea?
4. African American Teachers?
5. Caucasian Olnly?
6. Looking for Some Insight
7. Need info on Hagwons that hire non-caucasians

Can I Get a Job Teaching Legally at a Summer/Winter Camp?

The short answer is yes! Either get permission on your existing E2 visa to work at a second location or get a C4 Temporary Visa which allows you to legally teach at a camp program. Camps are notorious 'bust' sites for Korean Immigration, so don't teach without your visa!

1. Summer & Winter Camps
2. Summer Only Jobs
3. Now It Comes Up?

What is the Visa Process?

1. Visa Issuance

And let the following thread be a warning to those who think it's OK to teach for a week or two on a tourist visa while your E2 paperwork is being processed!

2. BUSTED on 2nd day at Hagwon -- how much is the fine???

I Have to do a Visa Run ?is it Easy?

Yes, it is easy because lots of people have posted very straightforward directions here and on the Internet. Most teachers head to Fukuoka in Japan to do their visa run, however, it is possible to have your E2 Visa issued in a number of nearby countries.

1. Visa Run to Beijing
2. Visa Run to Osaka
3. Visa Run to Guam
4. I need to go on a visa run to Japan!
5. Going to Osaka for A Visa Run - What Now?!?
5. Visa Run to Bangkok
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