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The Virgin Suicides, the movie, the book & the soundtrac

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 4:16 am    Post subject: The Virgin Suicides, the movie, the book & the soundtrac Reply with quote

Quote from
I liked it a lot more than Lost In Translation.

I can identify so well with everything in this movie. I can actually feel everything. The portraits of the girls are so well done, so extremely well done, everything, from the music they played, to their lipsticks, to the underwear on the floor and drawings on the wall. I had loved the book, and I loved how Sofia made this film. I particularly worship the scene where we see the houses and seasons changing with Air playing in the background. It's truly beautiful. There's a line, that I seem to use quite a lot, and absobloodylutely melts my heart: when the doctor asks Cecilia what is she doing there because she isn't even old enough to see how bad life gets and she answers "Obviously doctor, you've never been a thirteen yr old girl.". I think that says it all. And I love Lux's character.

My ex-boyfriend watched the movie and hated it, he said it was vain. He, also, seems to think Sofia Coppola's movies lack substance.

Oh I'm pretty sure they do, for some people, because they are rather particular. Not many people understand them well, especially boys, because she portrays such simple feelings, such things that feel obvious to you if you can actually relate to them, and feel completely vain if you don't.

I have found, in certain things, one of those things being The Virgin Suicides, a very deep and hard to explain vain emptiness. It may sound strange to associate deepness and profundity with vanity, but it makes an unbelievable amount of sense to me.
You see, especially to me, all those little things, like laying on the grass in swimwear, and writing in a diary, entries about frozen pizza for dinner and dolphins, and poems like "trees like lungs filling with air, my sister, the mean one, pulling my hair" are so quite strange, and depressing. Sometimes, it's not the great sad love stories, or great epics, or great stories about loss and death that make us cry.

You see, it's about being a girl, it's about growing up, it's about adolescence, it's about sadness, and the world withering around us. It's not vanity, it's girlishness. I, myself, never had that much girlishness, I never wrote about frozen pizza, or dolphins. But I could so see myself in them, combing their hairs, making party invitations, painting their nails, playing beautiful old records, and wishing for a prom, and a prom dress.

It is in all of this, all of this apparent vanity, that lies the beauty and depth of the movie, and the story itself. I think that if this was just about their relationship with their parents and the boys of the neighborhood, it would loose great part of it's appeal. It is fabulous because it reflects our youth, it reflects our behavior, and it reflects so well, how things can go wrong, how frail some of us can be sometimes.

I loved it, because it represented a part of me, in a marvelous, lovely way.

On the other hand, although I did enjoy LiT, it wasn't nearly as remarkable as this. It was also very pretty, but, just didn't felt the way The Virgin Suicides did.
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