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by Ivy007
Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:45 am
Forum: Activities and Games
Topic: how to make students involved in the english text
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You'd better analyze the text content by the way relating to your students experience and previous knowledge. Give more chances for your students to express their ideas and feelings concering the content of the text. Or you can devide students into several groups, and ask them to make a discussion a...
by Ivy007
Thu Dec 07, 2006 4:07 am
Forum: Elementary Education
Topic: Language anxiety
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Language anxiety

Hi, everyone, The effect of foreign language learning in elementary school has been a controversial issue for decades in China as well as in other countries where English is not the first language. Educators and researchers hold different view about the degree of importance the critical period hypot...
by Ivy007
Thu Dec 07, 2006 3:50 am
Forum: Activities and Games
Topic: How to teach letters?
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How to teach letters?

Hello everybody!
Can somebody explain to me which letters I should teach first? Is there a specific order? how can I teach letters in a fun way?If anyone could lend a hand on what they have taught, or games and activities that could work well with this topic would be much appreciated.