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by Sally Olsen
Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:24 pm
Forum: Activities and Games
Topic: Some Advice on Large Classes
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Sounds like you are doing a great job in a difficult situation. You have a lot of resources in your situation compared to what we had in Mongolia and it should be a lot of fun to use them. Think of it as eight classes of 10 but just held at the same time. Make up teams of 10 and have them identify t...
by Sally Olsen
Thu Apr 08, 2004 2:44 pm
Forum: Applied Linguistics
Topic: Help requested for AL syllabus
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I agree that you are probably to introduce the faculty of Applied Linguistics to the students. At least, this was what we did in our introductory course. We had an introductory lecture with an overview of the field by the main teacher and then each week, a professor from each course available to us ...