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Filler For Teaching Adults

Post by itsjustnouns » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:59 am

I made a webpage that is a good filler when teaching adults. It has lists of acronyms, intialisms, and abbreviations and a few other shortened word types in chapters. There is no search engine, it is all clearly laid out, like a book.

It's a matter of putting something like ASAP, cogs, cola, NASA, EU, awol, PETA on the whiteboard and see if anyone knows it. Or prep, hippo, cardio, sib, physio, mayo, marg, ammo, intel, dorm or condo. Good fun.

All Korean men have been in the military so using military acronyms will get them very interested.

In a class when I was teaching English in Seoul, the textbook had a picture of bus and the caption said, "London, UK." I asked the students in several classes of adults if anyone knew the meaning of "UK." None did.

I have taught English to adults in South Korea and Vancouver for several years and I found they do not know what the abbreviations oz, lb, ft or in mean either because imperial measurements are banned in most of the world or never used. But in Canada, the USA and the UK, they are still in use.

Under each category of acronyms, initalisms and abbreviations, there are sections or chapters such as education, business, military, sports, government, animals, clothes, computers, pop culture and more. Sections that can easily fit into a lesson that is being taught.

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