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Collecting Game Ideas.

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:41 am
by jesusroks
Hey Everyone.
I decided to add an ESL aspect to my Website.
I am looking for ESL Game submissions as my knowledge is quite limited... 

I will give you credit on the page, as well as can link to a personal site if you want.

I Have three categories...
Warm Ups and Time fillers

Young learners / Or age irrelevant (Meaning it can still be used for young learners, or adults)

Older Students / Adults (to which I have nothing yet, Never worked with them)

Anyways, if you wanna give me an idea here, I can put it on,

or if you go here

and scroll down on the right you will see a contact / submit an Idea form and you can use that.

Thanks so much.

PS. sorry if I am breaking rules. I hope that this is OK. Only trying to make a resource for other teachers....