Things To Do With Glue Tac.

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Things To Do With Glue Tac.

Post by Bann_Me » Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:33 am

HEY Super Teachers out there in Education Land.

Now where would we be as "teachers" without GLUE TAC?? Without GLUE Tac my lessons would not happen. It would be a disaster. How am i supposed to stick the Monkey Flash Card or "FC" as we say in the Teacher Biz to the Black Boad? Childrens SNOT? There is a lot of that in my P 1 Class.......Of course it has many uses this Glue Tac.

1. To stick FC's on the black board or the white board, (don't want to be racist).

2. To stick the Fc's on the............uh............well the chalk board or white board or black board...

3. HEY! Isn't 2 the same as 3? Well yes it is!!!!

Here is where I tell you the other things you can do with GLUE TAC. Now keep in mind you are not only educating the future WORKERS of the World but you are Entertaining them too!!!!!!!!

Don't you know Socrates said good Teaching is 95% Theatre? And yes Socrates was smarter than you. Well I happen to disagree with Sorates. I think that teaching is 97.99% Theatre and ENTERTAINMENT!!

Now i know when I bring this up with the educators of the YOUTH of TODAY they all say.............BOO HOO!! NO IT IS NOT!! I PAID 1,000 DOLLARS FOR MY 1 WEEK COURSE!! Teaching is about KNOWLEGE!! And "LEARNING". Not some kind of Monkey Circus Entertainment!!!

and you are entitled to your own opinion as am I. Well as long as I do not deviate from the narrow set of viewpoints in which we all must keep since after all we are on a FORUM RIGHT? Is that the rationality that we must use? Who is my master? BOO HOO!!

So what is the other 2.1% of teacher if 97.99% is Theatre? WELL IT IS GLUE TAC!!

That is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now here are the other things you can do with Glue Tac to keep those little uniformed angles entertained!!

1. You can ball it up into a big ball let say the size of a gum ball. And when the Fat Kid is just staring at his feet or sticking his fingers in his mouth, throw it at his fat head!!! (of course Glue tac won’t hurt the little cherub it will just snap him back into Attention and force him to LEARN!! Killing 2 birds with one BIG BALL OF GLUE TAC!! Of course the second bird is the bird of Laughter!! The kids will get a big kick out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Another great thing to do is stand in front of class with your ball of glu tac and make a life like sculpture of one of the kids…. Point at them and say your little masterpiece of Glue tac is YOU! YOU! YOU!. You know make it little arms and little legs. Then you can pretend the little Glue Tac figure is taking a walk down somebody’s desk and then as they are walking SMASH! SMASH! Smash the little guy with our free hand. THE KIDS LOVE THAT!!!!!!! VOILENCE AND DEATH! Something all kids love. Hell All people love. HOLLYWOOD? 6 o clock news??

3. Another thing you can do with it is make a ball and stick in on the desk then put your pens in it. Kind of like a pencil or pen stand. For easy access.

4. Another fun thing to do with it is steal a little kids shoe. Then take their shoe and fill up the bottom with Glue tac. Then take the shoe and stick it up on the wall. Of course you gotta stick it just out of the reach of the child so they have to jump for it. Of course as the kid is jumping you call him or her a RABBIT!! The KIDS LOVE THAT!!! And ask them if they can fly while they are juming. They love that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

5. Also you may be thinking. HOW CAN I USE GLUE TAC as a form of Discipline???

Well if one of the boys is misbehaving. That is right it is always the boys right? Anyway if one of them boys is making some trouble and you have already tried giving him other things to do to help out and he is still unable to do anything at all. Just get a large ball of Glue tac and stick it to his back. And when I say a large ball I mean a really large ball. You will need about 50 Kilo’s of Glue tac for this one. After you have attached the 50 Kilo’s of Glue tac to his back you pick him up and stick him to the Black Board or White board. Then you have the other kids in the class throw pencils at him. And give each team points per hit……………Direct hit maybe you can give 20 points… can let the kids decide first which constitutes for a direct hit. And you know how kids are. They will probably choose the crotch. And why not? That is the funniest place to throw pencils at….

Well I hope these extra uses for Glue Tac has been useful and you will be able to use these suggestions in your classroom to make it a more lively and entertaining atmospehere!!!!!

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Post by Bann_Me » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:03 am

I have my own supply but can you get it in CHINA??

I have not seen it.

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