tips on e-palling with different countries

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tips on e-palling with different countries

Post by gitta » Tue Sep 23, 2003 11:38 am

Dear collegues,

First of all I am looking for E-pals (from anywhere) for my English-English first and second years (12-14) (13-15 yrs). INternational school, but teachings are mainly done in Dutch. For the above classes we have E-E lessons though, 5x a week English instead of the regular 3.
They are up for the anglia exams. :lol:

As I have seen I am not the only one. But from past sometimes learn the hard way. It seemed to us (Eng. dept The Hague) the best way to have the pupils sent mails through the teachers first. To avoid any 'bad' language. After a while it on their own account they could start mailing themselves with the warning not to use bad language.
Some pupils are still writing with eachother.:).
We started like this:
have pupils make cards about themselves and what they expect from the e-pal (hobbies etc.). Start of with 1 mail a week. For the first years we have a draft in which they could fill the information in themselves. Such as:
Dear....., How are you? my name is .... and I am from. .... I live in ....and go to school.... My favourite things in life are....what I hate is..... What do you think? tell me ....... about yourself.
love, ......
Please also be careful not to 'correct' to heavily...this will make them insecure and of course take the fun out of it...(erm..what am I saying you are all teachters! sorry!)

Hopefully you know anyone, maybe you yourself could take on some great Dutch mail writers.
Love to hear from you! and other tips maybe?

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Post by GenkiRichard » Sun Nov 02, 2003 8:55 am


Due to school holidays, test times etc. varying from country to country, one thing that I find is that instead of general "hey, let's exchange email" type of lessons, specific projects are the way to go.

For example one idea that we often use is a School Lunch Menu exchange where kids exchange their school lunch menus with other schools. It's easy to organise and to find partner schools, and the kids really like it because, well, it's food! Once they get a few replies, they start getting addicted and want to ask for more countries. I have the lesson plan written up here:

I find the easiest way to find exchange schools is

One other idea is to talk about the school pet. This is great for modifying language that lower level kids know in their self introductions. For example:
We're from XXX, in xxx (country)
This is our pet.
His/Her name is ________
He/She is _____ years old.
He/She is a (animal name)
He/She is (colours)
He/She likes (favourite food)

The cool thing is that if the kids don't learn writing, they can record the file as an audio recording and email it along with a photo of the animal. Again this is very popular. The full lesson plan is here:

These are two of the most popular projects I use, I hope this helps!

Be genki,


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