CELTA as a couple

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CELTA as a couple

Post by elinori » Fri Dec 01, 2006 10:05 pm

What do you all think about a couple doing the CELTA together?

We live together in San Francisco and are planning to do CELTA in Chiang Mai Thailand. Should we display or hide the fact that we are a couple? Will this help or hinder our application process? Do you think that this is a good thing, helpful thing, or bad thing to do together? We will have separate rooms which will be good for having either solo time or together time. I understand that the courses are 12 people that are divided into groups of 6; I imagine that it would be best for us to be in different groups. Would we be able to have a hand in this decision or do they just split everyone down the middle, or what?

THANK YOU for any replies... especially quick ones! :D

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Post by MikeS » Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:33 am

I notice no one replied to this so here is my belated response.
The wife and I did CELTA together in Brisbane two years ago and found no particular problems as a couple. In fact, it was an advantage to be able to exchange daily feedback, particularly when we were feeling pressured or worried. CELTA is really tough, so that helps.
We've spent the last two years teaching English in Thailand. I can tell you that, without CELTA, I've have had no idea! It really gives a foundational framework. Of course, once out in the field you divert off in all sorts of directions depending on the situation, but the CELTA was the foundation.
So, have you done it yet? How did it go? Why Chiang Mai? What are you doing since?

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