Suggestions for GRE prep class?

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Suggestions for GRE prep class?

Post by wintersweet » Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:11 am


I'm teaching a GRE prep class for international students at an IEP. I'm actually about done with my first quarter teaching it, but as it was kind of a "surprise class," I've been preparing as I go. I'm going to be teaching it again this summer, however. If you have experience teaching this kind of class, I'd really appreciate your comments about what works well.

The students this quarter are all smart but do not have the reading skills to score well on the GRE. Their vocabularies are too low to handle the standard and "hint" words in the questions, let alone the actual GRE vocabulary words. To make it worse for them, none of them speak any European languages, so they can't use cognates to guess.

There are 5 students and we meet twice a week for two hours at a time. My summer group will probably be similar in size and composition.

During our final week (this week), I'll be giving them some testing strategies, so if you are a teacher who is a non-native speaker of English and survived the GRE, please share any of your strategies with me.

It's been nearly impossible to find useful GRE information for international students online, so I would really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, and experiences that you can share with me.


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