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New Conversation Book -

Post by Eric18 » Sun Aug 05, 2007 5:52 pm

Could you use a conversation book that combines savvy questions, proverbs
from around the world, and witty quotations from a wide variety of perspectives on timeless topics?

Chimayo Press releases Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics, a unique textbook for advanced ESL classrooms.

(Los Angeles, CA.) August 5, 2007— Chimayo Press announces the publication of Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics. This unique ESL teaching aid includes a collection of 45 thematic chapters focused on authentic conversations and is designed for non-native English speakers with a sophisticated worldview and still evolving language skills.

“Why should we just talk about the weather and become bored when we could explore our lives, times, passions, and challenges?” asks Eric Roth, co-author and adjunct professor at the University of Southern California. “Compelling Conversations was written to aid this small, yet significant niche of cultured, sophisticated adults who want to have quality, in-depth conversations about their experiences and perceptions in their adopted second, third, or even fourth tongue.”

Compelling Conversations fills a niche for dedicated teachers and students of English and conversation. The 160-page textbook:

• Asks over 1,350 questions encouraging students to reflect and share;
• Features over 500 memorable quotations from ancient sages to modern writers;
• Introduces over 200 proverbs from around the world;
• Highlights 450 practical vocabulary words;
• Provides enough material for an estimated 180 hours of class time;
• Ends each chapter with an "on your own" exercise;
• Allows students to develop authentic, meaningful conversations in English;
• Deepens critical thinking skills;
• Encourages students to share experiences and insights;
• Engages students and creates compelling conversations.

Alta Book Center Publishers, the nation's largest distributor of English as a Second Language materials, has chosen Compelling Conversations for its Fall 2008 Catalog.

Easy English Times has also published excerpts from Compelling Conversations in each issue since April 2007. The monthly national newspaper for adult education students chose lessons on gardening, describing families, and practicing job interviews, and modified them for intermediate adult education students.

ESL teachers, administrators, and students are praising Compelling Conversations:

“A wonderful source of materials triggering authentic (not stilted) communication.”
– Dr. Sharon Myers, American Language Institute, University of Southern California

“Compelling Conversations encourages the reader to examine many different ways of thinking and teaches respect and genuine interest in other people's models of the world. It teaches active listening skills and offers gentle conversation reminders, such as be kind, explore, be open, be supportive, that help the reader set a positive intention for each interaction. I am glad to have found a book that combines great content, conversational skills and psychology of empowerment.”
– Natasha Cooper, author of ESL how-to books Scripts for Winning Jobs and The Telephone for Business and Daily Life.

“ESL teachers will happily discover this book stimulates students to talk and encourages them to share their personal stories.”
– Diane M. Asitimbay, author of What's Up America?, a cultural guide for Advanced ESL students.

“As a longtime ESL student and medical professional, I wish I had this book when I was preparing for the "English Proficiency Exam" in London. It goes beyond the boring dialogs of most ESL books and provides great current conversations that fit our crazy modern times.”
– Beja Szerencses, American immigrant, Santa Monica, CA

“This book is excellent! Both teachers and students love it.”
- Marina Goldshteyn, Director of CES College, Los Angeles, CA

More information about Compelling Conversations and free chapters are available at the book’s website Photographs available upon request. Books available for review in professional publications. Chimayo Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to providing learning aids for adults who are enthusiastic about improving their English language skills. Compelling Conversations is the first national publication from Chimayo Press.

Biography of Eric H. Roth
Eric Roth teaches undergraduate engineering students and international graduate students the pleasures of writing and public speaking in English at the University of Southern California (USC) and advises the USC Conversation Partners Program. He has taught numerous ESL courses at Santa Monica College, UCLA Extension, and Cal State, Long Beach’s American Language Institute, and Santa Monica-Malibu Adult Education Center. Roth also directed an adult education center in Los Angeles. He belongs to TESOL, CATESOL (California Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages) and ICA (International Communication Association).

Biography of Toni Aberson

After 35 years of teaching English and supervising English teachers, Toni Aberson (M.A. English; M.A. Psychology and Religion) believes that a lively classroom is the optimal learning environment. Aberson currently lives in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

Chimayo Press
“Ask more. Know more. Share more. Create Compelling Conversations.”

Contact: Laurie Selik
(310) 390 - 0131
[email protected]

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