Dominican/Mexican /Puerto Rican Students

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Dominican/Mexican /Puerto Rican Students

Post by anajones33 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:29 am

Does anyone have any information on organizations or current university research that is being conducted on the teaching pedagogies from these countries? I am interested in learning the learning styles of these children in their countries. I am more interested in the teaching styles of the educators in these countries. I would like to know what resources these classrooms have or lack. What are the trial and tribulations that these children face in the name of education in their own countries? Every student that I have received from these countries all seem to have the same scenario: Illiteracy in their own Native Tongue! Why? I believe that I need to first understand the educational system from which these children come from so that I may better understand how to educate them.

Sally Olsen
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Post by Sally Olsen » Tue Feb 15, 2011 12:00 pm

Wikipedia has the overall pictures from each country. You can go to Google Scholar for many articles on specifics.

It is hard to imagine that every student is illiterate in their own language. You have a special group and might need to get translators and ask the parents.

I always start them out in their own language if the know it orally so if you can get them tutoring in their own language first, you will have an easier time of it in English. I use volunteers, tapes and courses on the computer. There is a ton of stuff in Spanish.

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