Own materials for teaching and learning English

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Own materials for teaching and learning English

Post by Kennen » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:35 pm

It is a good idea to prepare one's own questions and answers with helpful practical important content on daily life topics and issues. I've almost completed this project of mine.
Let me give you a sample of my questions on the topic titled Learning English that are suitable for classroom use:

1. For what purpose do you learn English? (What do you learn English for? How do you plan to use English in practice?)
2. Do you attend English classes at school, learn English with a tutor (private teacher) or study English yourself (on your own)?
3. What materials (aids) do you use for learning English?
4. Since when (how long) have you been learning English?
5. Do you practise self-control to check your learning progress?
6. Do you know the articulation of English vowels and consonants to pronounce English words correctly?
7. Do you do grammar exercises based on real life situations?
8. How do you practise speaking English?
9. Do you listen to English conversations and texts on audio and video aids?
10. In what ways do you expand your English vocabulary?
11. Do you practise revision of previous material?
12. Do you also make up your own samples of conversation sentences and examples of vocabulary usage in sentences for your own potential practical use?
13. How do you practise listening comprehension in English?
14. How do you work on a conversation topic to master it?
15. Do you sometimes communicate in English with native English speakers? In what ways?
16. Do you do oral and written translation exercises from your native language into English?
17. What is difficult for you in learning and using English? (What difficulties do you experience in learning and using English?)
18. What typical mistakes in English do you make?
19. How good is your knowledge of English as to pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing?
What is your level of knowledge of English? (beginning, intermediate, advanced)

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