Deaf Community Development Center in Beijing

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Lan Qing
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Deaf Community Development Center in Beijing

Post by Lan Qing » Tue Dec 06, 2005 2:11 am

I have finally done it!!! I want to announce that I have finally procured funding for a Deaf center in China. After my tearful frustration was expressed to Dave in 2002 or 3, I can't recall, about finding work in my field, I wanted to let everyone know that we will be offering classes in EASLFL (English and ASL as foreign languages for Deaf learners) along with other educational and employment supports.

English is mandatory for Deaf learners in China and no one seems to be teaching it successfully yet. The Center is run by and for Deaf people. It is quite small and in an impoverished, but lively, neighborhood. We are undergoing renovations now and expect to open our doors for some short-term tutorials (in support of college-level Deaf who are facing English exams) soon and a full roster of classes for the spring semester (March in China)

I am reasonably certain this Center is the first of its kind in the world. I will send a URL for our website as soon as it is up. We plan to offer some special support for English teachers of the Deaf in a Chinese context on the site. We hope to offer workshops for those teachers in likely, but not altogether yet proven, methods and strategies as well.

By the way, anyone with good connections and a will to try: We need equipment (heavily discounted or donated) from major manufacturers of computers and other things for our multi-media classroom (an important feature for working with this population!) I am having a little trouble with this since the two largest companies with offices in Beijing prefer phone calls to e-mail and text messaging!!! (also maybe because they want to speak with a real "grown-up"--if I live to 100, this will always be a problem with some people, it seems)

Here's wishing all of your dreams will come true too!

Lan Qing [email protected]

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