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Textbook for 1-on1 low intermediate Japanese student

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:14 am
by PaulV
Hello, I'm going to start teaching English via Skype to an 18 y/o who lives in Japan. However, most of my experience has been in classroom settings with the Pearson Top Notch/Summit series.

I want her to get a book, but I want something that will be good for a 1-on-1 teaching style. Many of the ESL textbooks are designed for classes, so many of the exercises are designed to be done by students in pairs. Furthermore, this student knows a good deal of grammar and vocabulary, so she mostly needs to work on speaking/listening activities. Therefore, I don't think the Azar English grammar books are what she needs either.

Can anyone recommend a textbook for this teaching environment?