Best ESL textbooks for Kindergaten

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Best ESL textbooks for Kindergaten

Post by shuaige » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:21 pm

Hey everyone!

I teach at a small private school in China, and we're tired of usign our current (and crumby) textbooks. My boss asked me to look into new ones. I was wondering if anybody had some suggestions?

Our current books teach vocab and also short sentences and question and answers... ie Unit 1 would have 6 vocab words along with something like What's your name? I'm ___. This is what we're looking for, we're just not happy with the current content and are looking for a change.

Suggestions please!


Sally Olsen
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Post by Sally Olsen » Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:33 pm

I loved the series, "Let's Go". Lots of flashcards, colourful books and students books. I got the dictionary as a beginning textbook for all the students and they practiced at home. Each page has a question that can be answered by 10 or so vocabulary words. Makes it great for games and 'tests" if you have to give them tests. I used the phonics books as puppets and cut out the figures, putting them on chopsticks. The kids loved to play with them and chant their names and sounds.

I also loved the Jazz Chant books and so did the kids.

I also ordered puppets from A to Z (alligator to zebra) and we practiced with those and I had boxes of the alphabet (you can get those rubber mat boxes that link together to make a box for A and put in things that start with A and so on. They were so cheap in Mongolia and since they are made in China are probably cheaper. You can make them into a path to walk on while saying the alphabet or the sounds and play hopscotch on them or put them around the top of the room for decoration or use two for matching games and so on. Endless fun for little price. I bought six sets to make the little boxes and we had them on shelves filled with plastic vegetables, animals, and small objects that started with the letter. They will be good to learn the shapes of the letter for writing too as you can feel the shape with eyes closed as you can actually take out the letters from the square surrounding it.

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