hard time finding a textbook for advanced level speaking

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hard time finding a textbook for advanced level speaking

Post by LikelyLad » Tue May 03, 2016 1:16 am

I'm looking for a textbook for a high level conversation class, where the students are only interested in conversation practice - no reading or writing activities, although some listening might not go amiss. We've been using a book from their old conversation class (an in-house one produced by their old school) but will be finishing it soon.

So far the closest I've got is the Compelling Conversations book. That seems good but has a rather boring layout - for example the long unbroken lists of questions (although good as conversation starters will feel very monotonous to work through) and lack of any imagery to spice things up a bit. Also was looking at the advanced level New Headway which was great but a lot of the activities weren't suitable for our conversation-only class.

Has anyone had a similar class and have any suggestions?! Is there anything else out there that I'm missing?

P.S. I've suggested not using a textbook, and instead do a variety of other open conversation and activities, but the students really weren't interested. They're older very traditionally-minded Japanese students and apparently they'd feel better having a textbook to reassure them that they're really studying! Prep time is also going to be short.

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