Textbook for YLE Movers and Flyers?

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Textbook for YLE Movers and Flyers?

Post by alc1979 » Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:40 am

I'm in desperate need of help! I just finished my CELTA less than 2 months ago and I have no teaching experience. I made the mistake of accepting a teaching position in the Maldives and now I'm stranded here. I start tomorrow and will be teaching Cambridge YLE Movers, Flyers, and KET. I don't know how to teach kids and the school gave me the impression that I would have more than enough material to make up for lack of experience.

I got here on Tuesday and the school didn't give me any training, orientation, or help. Just a 30 minute long meeting where they dumped some Movers/Flyers handbooks and "Structure Lists" on me. Then told me to make a month long plan of topics for all 3 levels. They did at least give me a student's textbook and teacher's book for KET but nothing for Movers and Flyers (other than workbooks). I've done some research on the internet but I'm confused about what textbook I should use for Movers and Flyers. I'm obviously not going to get any help from my employer so I would like to order the books myself so I have something to base my lesson plans on. I don't even know how to teach grammar to kids since the CELTA is only for teaching adult students. I feel like running away but I don't have the money and I know it will look bad to future employers if I break a contract.

Has anyone taught the Movers and Flyers curriculum? Can you recommend a syllabus and actual student textbooks (not workbooks) with chapters/units that follow some sort of logical order for presenting vocab. and grammar to kids? Right now I only have a list of items I'm supposed to teach but no direction on how to actually teach the material.

Thankfully I'm only reviewing material for the next 2 weeks (even though I'm pretty clueless about how to do that). I'm hoping to order the books as soon as possible for the start of the new classes.


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