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English tips

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:47 pm
by Kennen
Below is my list of websites with valuable advice/tips for learning and teaching English in addition to my tips in this forum: ... ng-skills/ ... thodology/ ... es/#guides ... skills.htm ... bulary.pdf ... ulary.aspx

As you know the issue of how to learn and to teach English grammar is contentious. Supporters of unconventional learning/teaching methods of English as a second/foreign language claim that conscious learning of English grammar is unnecessary and advocate intuitive learning of English grammar. To learn more on this issue it would be a good idea to explore the following especially useful websites that deal with practical issues of learning and teaching English grammar and include new pertinent research articles: ... iption.pdf ... rammar.htm

Let me know your thoughts on this issue. Do you also have some information to share on English teaching and learning tips?