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ESL needed in early grades?

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2003 7:38 pm
by MissLeslie
I am from the Houston area, and plan to teach in the Clear Lake area. I am graduating in December 2004. I was just wondering if ESL is really implemented in the lower grades - around 1st and 2nd. I have heard that there isn't a real need for ESL in those grades, just mostly bilingual. I am looking to teach in a regular classroom, but have also heard that if I were certified to teach ESL, then they will more than likely place me in an ESL classroom. Is this usually a case by case decision? I am trying to make up my mind whether or not I want to continue on with my ESL certification or not. Please help! :? Thank you!


Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2003 1:35 pm
by Jen
I was wondering the same thing you are. Although I cannot tell from experience in the classroom because I am still a student, I can tell you that a friend of mine teaches in the Austin area, and she said that all of the teachers in her district are now required to get their ESL certification. She said if they don't have it, they have to take classes at night after they have been hired. She recieved her ESL certification her at SFA and she said that's how she got her first job. It was in the Tyler area, where ESL is not required, so she was valuable to the school. I would think the Houston area would be like Austin, and may require the certification anyways. I know it wasn't any solid answers, but maybe it will help.

Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2003 7:50 pm
by Chronda
Leslie and Jen, Like both of you, I was wondering what ESL certification was going to do for me. Is it worth it? I called my daughter's kindergarten teacher(I live in Center, Texas) and she said that in this district, all teachers had to be ESL certified to even have Spanish children in their classes. This surprised me! I only knew of one lady in my entire district who was teaching ESL children. She told me that being ESL certified helped her get her job and she was glad that she had taken the test. I don't know if knowing this will help but I had to reply. Also, Center has a population of about 5000 for the city and about 25000 for the county, so it is a small place compared to Austin and Houston.



Posted: Sat Jun 14, 2003 12:01 am
by arlet
Hi Leslie,
I don't really have an answer to your question, but I don't think you need to woory about ESL being only for upper classroom. From my philosophy paper I've been writting I found out that as our country is becoming more multiculturally, schools are starting to integrate ESL classes in lower grades. I don't think you will have a problem finding a job for the grade you want.

Arlette :wink:

ESL early grades

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2003 7:26 pm
by Jan
Hi Leslie and others,
ESL is taught in the early grades; however, it all depends on where you live. In the bigger cities, there may be an ESL teacher for each grade level. In east Texas, that is not usually the case. There may just be an ESL pull-out teacher. In many big cities (and even some smaller communities that have high ELL populations), entire school staffs are required to be ESL certified.

The importance of ESL in the classroom

Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 5:09 pm
by Carmen
When I decided to take the courses needed to obtain my ESL certification, I was very nervous. I soon discovered the importance of ESL in the classroom. As a teacher you are going to always have students whose first language is not English. In order to effectively educate them, incorportate and include these learners into the curriculum, and challenge them in all content areas you must know ways to effectively teach. By seeking certification, I am challenging myself to become a better teacher!


Thanks to everyone!

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:38 am
by MissLeslie
Thanks so much to everyone that has replied to my first post! I am still very nervous about ESL certification and what all it consists of. However, I am looking forward to working with ESL students and helping them in our American society! :lol: Thanks again!

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2003 12:52 pm
by Tammy30

I feel that ESL would be needed in the early grades. I am still only learning about ESL, but with what I have know, it seems to be important. I think that you should get your certification, you never know what langugage you might have in your class. Good Luck. :D

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2003 1:19 pm
by blanca
In my school district the ESL Program is implemented PK3-12. With PK students they work on oral development through rhymes, songs, and story telling, guided reading. The strategies used with ESL students will benefit your regular students. In fist grade we had 50 LEP students and 2nd grade we had 47 students and they were placed according to their level, the more advanced students were placed in regular classrooms with ESL certified teachers. The ones that needed more help were served by a pull out program and the NES were placed in a Newcommers class. The main thing is that you will be willing to work with this students. :lol: :o