1st year ESL stories

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1st year ESL stories

Post by Itza » Wed Jun 18, 2003 6:23 pm

Hello again! :D I just wanted to see if anyone would like to share some 1st year ESL classroom stories. What worked with your kids? What didn't? How did it go the first year? Etc. Since this I am going to be a first year teacher soon, I just wanted to hear from teachers to see what their first year experiences were like? So please feel free to tell me about them. I would be very intrested. Thank-you.

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Post by Jolja » Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:08 pm

Well, the teacher who taught at this school before me did nothing but "drill and kill" grammar. Lots of grammar worksheets and tests and very little else.

I've set up writing journals (which work great and give the first few minutes of each class some order) , a computer lab (which the kids love but I'm constantly having to supervise so they don't download music or email in their native language) and more conversational games and DOLs. Overall things are good, and our few discipline problems have managed to get kicked out of school by now.

But the PEIMS and LPAC meetings are killing me because the school wiped out the database that they had been using to track ESL students, the admissions person forgot to give HLS to the counselors and I, and someone in the records room decided the blue folders were hard to sort through and destroyed some of them during the summer :( I'm the only ESOL teacher in my school and the paperwork makes me want to teach English lit instead!

I love the students, but hate the paperwork. Oh well...

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