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Choosing a Text

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:09 am
by satter06
When using a new text or materials in an ESL classroom it is hard to determine if it is the text that is weak or other factors. This is especially true when inexperienced teachers are having to learn the materials for the first time as they teach them. When my department asks for suggestions on what new materials and text to buy, I never know what to suggest since I haven't had any idea what to look for. It is only after the materials are pushed on us to use that I notice the flaws and what could have been improved upon.
I know that the resources should cater to the needs of the learners, meet the objectives of the course and help assist students to use English on their own but even then it is still difficult to search for the best resources. What are other tips for looking at textbooks and supplemental material that would make it easier to separate the mediocre from the superior? Also are there any particular resources that have stood out and been effective in the classroom?