OK....what happened?

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OK....what happened?

Post by LarryLatham » Thu Jan 16, 2003 9:02 pm

Where did all the existing posts go? And replies? :shock:

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Post by sperling » Fri Jan 17, 2003 1:35 am

Hi Larry -

The new forums are still there .... you can get to them from the pull-down menu of my main page at:


With this said, we will be completely changing to this new format in March or April.

All the best,

Dave Sperling
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Post by Roger » Fri Feb 07, 2003 2:09 pm

Hello Dave and everybody,

as said before, I appreciate the enhanced security features with this new format. On the other hand, it takes more time to naviagate round the different fora and the contributions. One reason is that we can't skip those posts that we have already read as we have to start on the top and scroll down until we find a new entry. In this sense, the old format was better as it allowed you to scan in a glance all the replies without having to read them.

Another thing I wish to bring to your attention is that the COLOURING is less eye-friendly now. The white is quite a glare and hurts my eyes. I definitely feel I am straining my eyes more now than before. The yellow on your home page is a lot better!
What do others think?

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Post by Showem » Fri Feb 07, 2003 7:40 pm

I personally like the new format, because once you log in, you can easily see which topics have new messages, rather than going through each one to see if there are any new messages. I just wish there were more users over here, on the actual practical side of teaching giving advice, than on the employment board, looking for work.

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