Test maker software/ OMR corrector recommendations?

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Test maker software/ OMR corrector recommendations?

Post by steve674d » Fri Jan 18, 2013 4:50 pm

I'm looking for an easy test maker software. (writing it in word takes too much time and mistakes can be made. formatting wastes a lot of time)
I've looked at several (Quizmaker Pro) but have not found a good one. For example, Quizmaker pro has a weird interface that doesn't fit my computer, and I can't see some of the buttons in the menu.
It needs to make paper tests, offline. It needs to be very easy to use (so other teachers here can use it). Free is best, but I can also pay.

Do you have any recommendations?

Also, do you have any test scanning machine recommendations? An OMR machine is what I need. I heard there are 2 basic types. One is the old type that must use standard, special cards. The other uses software and a regular scanner. They say the scanner type is better, partly because you can design your own OMR cards at will.

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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