Site to help learn Spanish

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Site to help learn Spanish

Post by corey » Tue Jun 17, 2003 6:31 pm

I just made this site to help beginners learn Spanish. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.


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Post by Lorikeet » Tue Jun 17, 2003 8:05 pm


will mcculloch
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Another free Spanish site!

Post by will mcculloch » Wed Jun 18, 2003 1:09 pm

18.06.03.....Manchester, UK....Rain!

Hi Corey,

Congrats on your site - I think what you've produced so far is a good start...and am sure that you can develop it into something great...given time, opportunity etc. (the usual obstacles)

I'm was v. interested to look through it as i'm currently trying to improve my Spanish using.....

1. The internet
2. My "Word Surfing" vocabulary book idea

For me personally, this is a great approach - and I know that I'm learning much much faster than I would have done in a group situation where the teacher can only cater to general group needs/wants...rather than individual ones.

A private teacher would, of course, have been my best option..... but, like most, I'm unable to afford such a luxury at the moment. So.... I find that "Internet + Word Surfing" is my next best option. And very motivating. There are so many fantastic + free Spanish sites .... offering everything that I could possibly need.

..... Tests at all levels
..... Excellent explanations of all grammar points
......Help with pronunciation
......Lots of articles at different levels
......Listening exercises ( and I now have half an ear to "BBC Mundo Radio" in the background as I type away) - it's available via Yahoo>Espana>Noticias by the way.

etc etc etc....the internet is just fantastic.....and, to repeat myself!, I know that my level is now much much higher than it would've been if I'd just spent the equivalent number of hours sitting in a group at a local school....... (but this too would also be fun/useful/sociable/nice) - and I may try it soon now that my vocabulary/understanding/writing skills are (surprisingly quickly) at a reasonably competent/confident level. ...Or maybe I'll just head for Costa Rica or somewhere to do some English teaching....yes, this sounds like a better, sunnier idea. (still raining outside!)

ok, back to your site!!!!, which I immediately bookmarked, mainly because it contains something very positive that I haven't come across elsewhere...

... the link to "Verbix Conjugator" ....great!...a real find

RECOMMENDED to all!!!!


I think it's very positive that you have a "learning theories" section. The teaching community, I believe, should be doing a lot more to encourage "Learner Autonomy"... ....and an awareness of to learn .... as well as what to learn. I hope that you'll expand this area - I'm sure that it has a great role to play in motivating students....and helping them to learn languages both more enjoyably and efficiently.

Best Wishes ...and good luck with developing your site.

Will McCulloch (I'll be adding the conjugator in the next hour or so....thanks for leading me to it)

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Post by corey » Wed Jun 18, 2003 7:34 pm

Thanks Will - I put a link to WS on my links page.

I will be adding more tests and more advanced grammar and sayings as time goes by.



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Post by Carmen » Mon Jun 30, 2003 6:18 pm

Thanks Corey, for the site! It was really nice of you to post it for our benefit!


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