Computer Assisted with a wrinkle or two

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Computer Assisted with a wrinkle or two

Post by Grover » Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:41 am

My name is Brian Grover and I teach at Andong National University in South Korea.

I'm looking to partner with a class, somewhere in Asia preferably due to time zones, to create a timeline of American Literature from late 19th Century up until the 21st Century using Sutori.

I'm hoping to do this in collaboration with an outside university using Skype in the Classroom, Line and/or KakaoTalk.

How it would work: Students pair up with one member from my [Korean] university and one from another, non-Korean university. The whole point is so they'll have to use English to communicate. Each international pair has to create one entry in a Sutori timeline that has appropriate images, background info on an author or subject, historical context and its significance, literary samples and their significance as well as a follow up quiz questions. Students are initially given a list of topics like an author name or a current from history or a movement in art, psychology and so on to choose from.

This is for the Fall 2019 Semester beginning in September.

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