teaching some differnt kids on monday and not sure what todo

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teaching some differnt kids on monday and not sure what todo

Post by francesen » Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:24 am


i am a new teacher in china. i've taught grade eight for a week, and some grade nine. also teaching a year 7 group from next week. this is what i was expecting.

however, i have been told i'm going to a different school on monday, and teaching kids in grade three and four. i think there are about 40-60 kids in each class. i don't know much about their level except this information i was given:

"grade 3 - whose bike is this? learn possessive pronoun. yours mine hers ours his theirs
. design some activities for the kids"

grade four - what are they doing? they have learnt what's she doing, what's he doing, what are you doing?"

i'm a bit stuck because they're much younger kids and i also don't know exactly how to make a whole lesson out of 'what are they doing?'. i also dont; know if i am expected to teach the whose bike - its his hers etc or expand on it...

if anyone has any ideas this would be good. i guess i'll play games, find out their level first, and then try and do something on these topics, but any help would be really appreciated.

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teaching some differnt kids on monday and not sure what todo

Post by EFLwithlittleones » Fri Sep 15, 2006 1:29 pm

Check out Sally Olsen's postings for lots of ideas.

Sally Olsen
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Post by Sally Olsen » Tue Oct 03, 2006 6:36 pm

You can just click on the name and see all of their past postings. I would also check out EFLforlittleones, Senorita Daniels and EH. Look for names that come up often and also check out Dave's cookbook on the main page.

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